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Guy of Gisborne Collage

BBC Robin Hood

Robin Hood will soon be shown on television in germany for the first time!
Can't wait for it, although I've seen it in english.


I don't like snow in the city. It's ugly and dirty when it's melting.


Two weeks ago I was in Scotland and I have photographed two places that I associate with a movie and a novel. Maybe you know the movie or the novel?


Robert Pattinson in boxers

But where are his airbrushed muscles?

Thanks to via @kstewartnews, pattinsonlife for uploading these pictures

in memoriam

My sister's dog died on saturday. He was so lovely. I'll miss him.


I Will Follow You In The Dark

A Fine Frenzy covered the song "I Will Follow You In The Dark". It's originally by Death Cab For Cutie.
I like the cover.
Thanks to star_writings   who made a Bella Swan fanmix, which included this song.


Wide Awake

I've started reading Wide Awake again. This is the fourth time I'm reading it. I love it!
And I love this picture. It's from palnk on deviantart.




Robert on the carpet! I wish this could be my carpet...

Thanks to chrisze for uploading these pictures


Ich habe heute um Aufnahme in eine Community gebeten und habe eine Zusage erhalten. Darüber habe ich mich sehr gefreut. Die Community wird von einer englisch sprechenden Französin verwaltet. Man trifft hier wirklich Gott und die Welt!